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A welcome message…from us to you!

Our main objective is to share the Natural Language Acquisition protocol, research base, content, and supports at all six NLA Stages internationally!

We want to share this integrated information with the individuals most able to support gestalt language development: you! This is in keeping with Marge’s original intention, which was to provide content for SLPs, but also content for parents — those of you who know your children best, and are in the best position to support them. We are glad you are here. Welcome!

In order to fulfill our objective, we came together with Marge Blanc, the author of Natural Language Acquisition, to create a course that is as accessible as possible. This includes the cost, the presentation of the material, and the overall practicality of the information…without sacrificing information about the research base which is important when sharing this content with others.

The main elements of our course are the following:

1.        Three speakers in all of the modules: Marge, Paulina and Amanda have related perspectives/views to share across each module, as each has had unique experiences within the SLP field and outside of it (research, education, clinical, international, multilingual, etc.). This leads to some very practical & enriching conversations that we hope will help participants feel better understood/represented (parents and other caregivers, speech-language pathologists and other professionals; no matter the context in which they find themselves).

2.        Dynamic presentation of content/materials: The course is a comprehensive account of the NLA principles combined with graphics and animations, all of which help make the concepts as clear and easy-to-follow as possible. Our course material includes videos of a variety of real-life case examples, and visual representations, animations, and supporting downloadable materials that we’ve created to help make concepts ‘stick.’

3.        Guided practice: Real case examples are presented in the form of extensive language samples and discussion videos where we go through these samples (50+ utterances in length) and discuss the scoring/analysis processes, step by step with the expert herself, Marge Blanc.

4.        A “deep dive” into ALL of the NLA Stages (1-6): They all matter, and progress in each is GLP-specific. Our GLPs don’t ‘become’ ALPs; our approach to them matters! Once again, we come together with Marge for a comprehensive look at each of the NLA stages in order to provide everyone with extensive descriptions, examples and supports for each of the NLA Stages, including those pertaining to grammar development (Stages 4-6).

5.        Our course is just the beginning of a wonderful and exciting journey! We hope that you are just as excited to join us and know that the course will continue growing and evolving as we continue working with our GLPs and sharing all our information with you.

6.        We have exciting plans for continuing the conversation. Your feedback matters to the ways we will do this, so please partner with us as we move into the “the cosmos” and beyond as depicted on Marge’s website www.communicationdevelopmentcenter.com. There you will find links to her courses with Northern Speech Services, links to the original researchers including Ann Peters and Barry Prizant, and the book that started it all, Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: the Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language.

One more thing to note: *One more thing to note: *⅓ of the proceeds of our course will go to Marge Blanc's non-profit, Communication Development Center, to support part-time consultants who help further knowledge about NLA, as well as scholarships for families learning about NLA.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

-Pau and Amanda 

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